A Note of Appreciation Program

Appreciative statements prepared to help you get that perfect message across in no time

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Programs Facilitated by the team Include:


  • Planning session to discuss goals and measures of success

  • A Note of Appreciation Card Deck for each employee

  • Facilitation by an expert to ensure that you receive your desired results


Looking for a teambuilding event that will increase the energy quickly? Do you struggle with finding the best words to communicate appreciation to your employees or colleagues?  Want a quick and easy way to appreciate your employees?


Struggle no longer!  A Note of Appreciation program uses appreciative statements prepared to help you get that perfect message across in no time combined with a facilitated session to deliver high impact.  This program can:


  • Help employees feel valued for their unique qualities.

  • Focus on the behaviors you want employees to continue because they lead to success.

  • Create excitement during a team-building event.

  • Increase the engagement of your employees by tapping into their source of inspiration and motivation.



There are many different ways to use card decks.


As a Leader:

  • Give A Note of Appreciation to a direct report or colleague anytime throughout the day or year during or after the completion of a job well done.

  • Include it in a Thank You card as a way of providing a specific appreciative statement.

  • At the end of a project to acknowledge your employee for his/her talents.


As a Team:

  • At the end of a leadership development program or training event to appreciate the talents and skills of each other.

  • At the end of a Leadership team retreat or team building event or year-end holiday party.

  • Team appears to be more negative than usual due to restructuring, lack of resources, change in objectives/goals, etc.

Want to facilitate your own Appreciation Workshop?
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