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Navigating Conversations: Return to Campus, Hybrid Schedules, and Requests to Work From Home

You are Coridally Initived to this Invitation Only Event

What do you say when your employee asks why they cannot work remotely indefinitely?


How do you respond when employees state they are not comfortable returning to campus?


How do you keep your employees engaged when your team is working in a hybrid model?


During a session with University of Penn leaders, these as well as other questions came up as current challenges. This workshop will provide strategies for navigating these and other conversations. Want to feel more confident when having these conversations or feel less frustrated afterward? Join this 75-minute session to learn:

  • Coaching skills to help you have productive conversations.

  • Phrases that are empowering and create a climate for your employees to feel valued. 

  • Techniques to bridge any gaps in perspectives and move the conversation towards solutions. 

  • Responses to your submitted questions.

Date: Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Time: Noon to 1:15 pm ET

Not available for the session? Register to receive access to the replay.

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