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Jennifer Smith Moderates Leadership Succession Power Hour Panel hosted by MetLife

In partnership with WPEO, MetLife is hosting a Leadership Succession Power Hour Panel discussion.


A Wilmington Trust study of 200 private businesses showed that 58% of business owners lacked a succession plan, and yet leadership succession is the lifeblood of one’s organization.


Jennifer Smith, CEO and Strategic Advisor at Growth Potential Consulting, will moderate a panel discussion with three business owners who talk about their leadership succession journey. They will share what has worked well, tips for addressing what has not worked, and how COVID-19 has impacted their current and future identification of leaders as they plan for sustainable growth. This must-attend event is packed with practical learning to apply whether you are in the beginning stages or have a robust plan. 


  • Racie Blewitt, Founder, Custom Source Marketing

  • Elisabete Miranda, President & CEO, CQfluency

  • Hallie Satz, CEO & Managing Partner, HighRoad Press