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Passionate Leader Institute

Discovering Your Leadership Brand

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A personal leadership brand is a perception that others have about you and your abilities. We all have one. Do you know what your current brand is, and does that brand align with how you want to be perceived by others? In essence, it is your identity, and many make decisions about your value based on your brand.

When you proactively discover and define your leadership brand, you begin to determine what you want to be known for…your legacy. By starting this journey today, you begin to create your long-term success.
This workshop will help you develop a brand that positions you for future success.

During this interactive workshop, you will:

  • Understand how you create a leadership brand.

  • Learn why a leadership brand is essential as you join and move up within an organization.

  • Craft a leadership brand that aligns with your future goals.

Target Audience

We’re aware that varying companies use slightly different titles for their leaders. To help identify candidates within your organization, consider those in current positions who hold titles with any variation of Director or Vice President. 


If you have someone in mind and you’re wondering whether this person is a fit, contact us today and allow us to help you find the right answers to your questions.

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