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Team Retreats & Teambuilding

Employees participating in a team building event

Imagine what your team would be like if you had:​​​​​

~ more team collaboration

~ consistency in the delivery of team results
~ engaged employees who proactively come up with ideas to solve

    business challenges
~ improved team dynamics

We partner with you to identify your needs, design an approach, facilitate the session, and coach for sustainability.

Teams that work with us experience:

~ leadership retreats

~ outdoor/indoor activities that have the team working collaboratively on a

   project or to solve a problem

~ facilitated sessions that focus on communication or personality style

    preference identification as well as strategies to be more effective as a 


~ facilitated sessions focused on helping the team develop team operating


~ a raise in energy with our A Note of Appreciation activity

University of Pennsylvania

"Under the leadership of GPC, my colleagues and I accepted the challenge of discussing issues that impact us both personally and professionally. Starting with personal reflections about microinequities and identity, we forged ahead and leaned in, confronting realities about how microaggressions, for example, are felt by some colleagues. Although there were moments of awkwardness and hesitancy in voicing opinions and feelings, there were many more breakthroughs in being curious about a colleague’s viewpoint and honoring and respecting differing perspectives. GPC laid the groundwork for these real talk conversations by selecting the activities that encouraged the staff to feel safe, supported, and respected.

GPC’s direct work with my staff might be over; however, their influence continues to resonate with my colleagues and me as we explore ways to carry on the team building dialogues and change the way we think about an issue and how we honor and incorporate team norms in our daily activities. As a result of GPC’s leadership, we are empowered to be catalysts of change by relying upon strategies and experience to undertake conversations about diversity and cultural competencies. “               

                                                                                                                                                                                               Executive Director

What is our A Note of Appreciation Activity?

Looking for a teambuilding activity that will raise the energy level of your employees, increase engagement,  and simply, put a smile on your employees' faces in 90 minutes?


Do you struggle with finding the best words to communicate appreciation to your employees or colleagues?  Want a quick and easy way to appreciate your employees?


Struggle no longer!  A Note of Appreciation uses appreciative statements prepared to help you get that perfect message across in no time combined with a facilitated session to deliver high impact.  

This activity can:

  • Help employees feel valued for their unique qualities.

  • Focus on the behaviors you want employees to continue because they lead to success.

  • Create excitement during a team-building event.

  • Increase the engagement of your employees by tapping into their source of inspiration and motivation.

As a Leader or Team Lead:

  • Give A Note of Appreciation to a direct report or colleague anytime throughout the day or year during or after the completion of a job well done.

  • Include it in a Thank You card as a way of providing a specific appreciative statement.

  • Acknowledge your employee for his/her/their talents at the end of a project.


As a Team:

  • At the end of a leadership development program or training event, appreciate the talents and skills of each other.

  • At the end of a Leadership team retreat or team building event, or year-end holiday party.

  • Team appears to be more negative than usual due to restructuring, lack of resources, change in objectives/goals, etc.

Konica Minolta

“Thank you again for your efforts in facilitating this week's leadership training for my group.  You really did a great job engaging us all and making us think.  I have already taken action today by sharing my Leadership Credo with my boss and handing out a few appreciation cards to my department teammates.  It felt good!”                                                                                                                    Executive, Konica Minolta Business 

Marble Surface
Hogan is our preferred assessment for team development and teambuilding offering insights about personality (HPI), potential derailers (HDS), motives and values (MVPI) at an individual level, and a team report showcasing roles, culture, and derailers.
Hogan Assessments
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