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Passionate Leader Institute

Executive Coaching is aimed at inspiring seasoned leaders to choose behavioral changes that transform themselves and the people around them thereby increasing their performance and business results.​

Organizations come to us when their leaders have the following challenges. "How can I..."


  • Create a leadership brand that positions me for future opportunities.

  • Communicate with greater clarity and focus.

  • Have greater influence and impact with direct reports, peers, and executives.

  • Build more congruence across my team.

  • Keep the team motivated in a changing environment.

  • Coach employees to their greatest potential.

  • Lead a global, diverse team.

  • Develop better relationships with peers and direct reports.


Working with us means your leaders will...

  • Take action to address what has been holding them back from achieving greater success.

  • Increase employee engagement which can result in achieving team goals with high levels of energy. 

  • Have a high-performing team that is motivated to take action above and beyond what's expected.

  • Increase productivity and manage time better given all the challenges that meetings, emails, and smartphones can present.

  • Achieve greater personal and professional results because they have reconnected to their Passion!


"The coach enabled me to focus my attention on why I was feeling a certain way or responding in a certain manner. Not by dissecting what I was doing, but by prompting me with questions that caused me to self-evaluate and discover things myself. The main difference for me now is that I realize I do not have to have all of the answers for everyone. I can encourage and ask questions and coach in a much more effective manner. Another key aspect of this coaching effort was the realization of "what people say is about them" and "how I interpret it is about me". Making that distinction and applying it in real-time has had an enormous impact on my communication with others. The coaching enabled me to see that and more. They are a real gem!"                                                                                                             Director, Iron Bow Technologies 

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Executive Coach | Leadership Team Retreats
Executive Coaching is a Leader's pathway to...
Who is this for?
  • Directors, Senior Directors, Vice Presidents, Executive Directors, Executive Vice Presidents

  • Leaders who are new to an organization or newly promoted to one of the levels of above and looking to make a significant impact...QUICKLY...


How does this work?

  • Meet to discuss your goals and identify measures of success

  • Co-create a customized program to meet your specific needs

  • Engage your team in the process (interviews, assessments, coaching, etc.)

  • Debrief the program and measure progress

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Hogan is our preferred assessment suite for executive coaching offering insights about personality (HPI), potential derailers (HDS), motives and values (MVPI), emotional intelligence, judgment, and more. 
If there is a specific need, we may use one of the following: 
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