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Mastering the Art of Follow-Through: How Planning Precedes Success

When we think of follow-through, we tend to think of taking action. But a large part of follow-through is about figuring out how things will be done first.

How often do you rush right to action versus spending some time "thinking through things?" Once you define your goals, set aside some time to decide just how you will reach them. What steps will be needed to accomplish them? Who will do which steps and when? What is the desired timeline? If a strategy, project, or idea does not address the hows, it almost certainly will be more difficult than it needs to be and take longer than desired.

Take meetings, for instance. A plan for follow-through should be detailed at the end of every meeting.

"Never finish a meeting without clarifying what the follow through will be, who will do it, what resources they will use, and how and when the next review will take place and with whom." Bossidy and Charan

Wishing you GREAT Success!

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