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Building Trust: Unlocking the Path to Executive Success - Insights and Strategies Inside!

During a coaching session with an executive last week, he shared that he is struggling with getting buy-in from his peers and believes there is a lack of trust. Have you ever experienced this? If so, consider Charles Feltman’s 4 Distinctions of Trust: Care, Sincerity, Reliability, and Competence before your next meeting. Below are some questions to help you assess the current level of trust.

Care: When communicating with your peers, are you more focused on your self-interests, the other person’s interests, or both?

Sincerity: Is there an alignment with your words and actions such that your peers believe you are honest?

Reliability: How often do you keep your commitments to your peers? And when you cannot keep a commitment, what do you do, if anything?

Competence: Do others believe you have the ability to perform the task, lead the project, or lead your team?

Use your responses to craft a message and plan an agenda that builds trust. Let me know if you have any questions.

Wishing you GREAT success!

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