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Level Up Your Leadership: 5 Essential Conversations Every Leader Must Have!

Whereas a number of factors contribute to an employee’s engagement, you – as their leader – play a significant role. Gallup reports that 32% of U.S. employees are engaged, down from 36% in 2020 and 34% in 2021. It also reflects that 17% are actively disengaged, which leaves 51% in what I will call a neutral engagement level.

Leaders, consider focusing on five essential conversations to address employee engagement.

Development conversations help employees identify current skill levels, skill gaps, and the appropriate experiences to build their capabilities.

Performance conversations ensure employees understand their goals and objectives, focus on status updates throughout the year, and discuss reinforcing and developmental feedback.

Career conversations create an open dialogue about employees’ aspirations so that you can coach and guide them towards their goals.

Appreciation conversations focus on celebrating your employees’ unique talents and skills.

Recognition conversations acknowledge employees’ achievements, years of service, or successful project completion.

If you are wondering, is she suggesting I add more meetings to my calendar? The answer is not necessarily. The goal is strategically planning when you will have these conversations with your employees throughout the year.

For example, you can have a performance and development conversation or a career and a development conversation during a single one-on-one meeting. Think of these as conversations, not meetings.

As you look at your upcoming one-on-one meetings with your employees, which discussions will you have?

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