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Deep Insights with Actionable Steps is What Your Audience Will Get When Jennifer Speaks

Speaking on Stage at TEDxBabsonCollege Event
Speaking at NSBE Event
Speaking at NSBE
Speaking at University
Speaking at CobbleStone User Conference
MC at MLK-Breakfast for Hundreds of Attendees
Estee Lauder NOBLE
Speaking at Panasonic Conference

Jennifer Smith has spoken at events around the world to inspire leaders to step into their greatness and leave a legacy.


Jennifer's style has been described as inspirational, engagingand authentic.  She shares practical leadership approaches so that attendees walk away with numerous nuggets that they can put into practice immediately.  

“Having Jennifer as a presenter/speaker proved to be a valuable decision. Jennifer is a fantastic motivator and speaks to her subjects in a language that all can understand. Her ability to connect with others is incredible, allowing open communication during her sessions allows those listening to get a full experience. Jennifer is an A++!”                                                                                                                                                 

Hospitality and Events Planner, Advanced Management Concepts               


 Sampling of Organizations That Have Invited
Jennifer to Speak

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